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Doing whatever its need to reach my goal. From UI/UX to Growth Hacking, Business Development, etc. Running and few side projects like, ...

Automatio Weekly Progress Update #13

Good day good people. Here is last week progress update on

- 💰 Acquired 1 paid user for $99/m package
- 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year
- 🤑 Had a talk with a potential investor
- 👨‍🏫 Had 1 session with Automatio students
- 🎥 Started working on a video explainer with motion designer guy
- 📝 Finished new blog post
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Automatio Weekly Progress Update #12

Hello everyone, here is last week progress update on

- 💰 Acquired 2 paid users for $99/m package
- 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year
- 📝 Published and distributed a new blog post
- 👨‍🏫 Had 2 sessions with Automatio students
- 📝 Started new blog post
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🙌 Week #11 progress update on

Hi guys, this is the weekly progress update on (No-code Web Automatio & Data Extraction Tool)

- 💰 Sold 4 monthly packages worth $99/m
- 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year
- 📝 Finishing new blog post on no-code web scrapers
- 👨‍🏫 Had 3 sessions with Automatio students this week
- ❌ Documentation
- 🐛 Found and documented a few bugs/issues
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How to de-duplicate rows in Google Sheet based on the first column only?

Hi guys, I need help with Google Sheet de-duplication. As the title says, I am trying to remove duplicate rows of data but based only on the first column.

I have researched for the last 2 days, read and watched a dozen tutorials, but seems it was not that easy. I had success until I added the 4th column which screwed everything.

In case you wanna help, have in mind that I tried and I am aware of a few ways:
- Built-in Google Sheet duplicate remover (I need to work automatically, not manually)
- I am aware of the Google Sheet (shit) Addon which I tried and didn't work
- And the last thing was formulas, which worked until I added the Date column.

The formula I used was to create a new sheet/table and add this formula `=UNIQUE('Master list'!A:D)`. As I said it worked until I added the date column, which makes every row unique. So this formula is not de-duplicating based on Column A only (which is what I need) but on overall all columns.

To summarize, the sheet I have will periodically and automatically update with new rows, so the duplicate rows should be removed. I need to get unique data based on Column A either in the same table or a new table.

I appreciate any help, but honestly would really be grateful if you could provide with copy/paste solution, so I don't need to spend time learning the Google Sheets formulas currently.

Peace ✌
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Webflow for Blog - SEO, limits?

Hey guys, I have Automatio homepage built with Webflow and I like it. However, my plan was to create a blog on WordPress and put it in like route. However, I found out its a bit complex to do it, since the domain is pointing to Webflow.

So now I am thinking of using Webflow for blogging/content purposes. Does anyone have experience and using it for exact reasons? If yes, do you face any downsides comparing to other platforms?
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💪 This is how you can automate third-party tools without API

This is how you can automate third-party tools without API or writing a single line of code. In this case, I am automating a website/tool for checking domain authority (DA) of the given URL.

Automatio will be able to deal with the complex scenario of inputting data (URL) into the input field, then solving Google re-captcha, clicking on the submit button, and then extracting the data we need.

Built with Automatio - No Code Web Automation Tool 🤖

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🎉 Launched new landing page for

Hi guys. Finally, after weeks of thinking, designing, writing bad copies 😁 and coding, I launched a new Automatio lading page.

Designed in Figma by me, built-in Webflow by my girl Jelena.

English and copy are not my best side, and I wrote it in a rush while I was doing other things, so I am open to suggestions and improvements.

Let me know what you think.

Here is the link to Automatio, no-code web automation / scraping tool
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Good day good people. My name is Stefan and I do lot of stuff

From UI/UX to growth hacking, business development, client work, etc.

Running,,, and more. Having a big community on

My focus is on, which is a powerful no-code web automation/data extraction tool. Check the latest video below if you wanna see it in action.

I am eager to hear your suggestions and questions.

Looking forward to meeting interesting people, read and share useful stuff.

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