Sylvain Gauchet

Chief Insights Miner,
I created Growth Gems to mine mobile growth insights and share them with other passionate marketers. I'm also a Mobile Growth Marketer at Babbel and Advisor for the (rising!) French game studio Elia Games.

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompts (Airtable & Softr)

If you're anywhere close to the mobile and/or advertising industry, you probably have seen things are Apple's new App Tracking Transparency policies: iOS 14/5+ users now have to opt-in explicitly to being "tracked".

This is a major shift for the industry and one that creates a lot of challenges.

Anyway, one of the things app developers have to do is display an "ATT prompt".

After iOS 14.5 launched last Monday, I created a quick Airtable base with a few entries and started sharing it on LinkedIn, Twitter and a few Slack groups.

It was being heavily shared so I decided to create

I used the quite incredible tool that plugs in with the Airtable base. In literally 30 minutes (and I was completely new to Softr), I had the website ready.

It's a collaborative effort but I still hope it brings some exposure to my side gig (built with Webflow, Airtable and PowerImporter - but that's for another time).

Adding links in Circle's navigation bar (like makerpad did)

Hi all,

I'm building a sort of mobile marketing insights "directory" (cf. and adding a community.

I noticed that Makerpad managed to have links (Catalog, Marketplace, Pricing, etc.) in the top navigation bar (cf. attached).

It doesn't look like this is a native feature. Do you know how it can be achieved?

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Stuck on personalizing Webflow content with Outseta custom property

Hi there!

I've been building the new version of with Webflow and Outseta (I had started with Bubble but changed my mind).Β 

I'm super excited about both tools.

However I am stuck πŸ˜“

I'm trying to filter a Webflow CMS collection list (a list of "resources") with a the current user's custom property value I can fetch from Outseta. I'm assuming I need to use javascript but can't figure it out.

Below are the details I shared on the webflow forum too.

Any pointers would be great. If someone can help on a hourly basis (I'm assuming it shouldn't take too long) I'm open to discuss too.



I found multiple ways and tutorials to filter collection lists with buttons or search fields: jetboost, finsweet, etc. and it’s great.

However what I’m trying to do is to use an array of values that I grab from Outseta (a custom property of the current user) in order to filter my collection list.

  • My collection list contains resources (webinars for example)
  • Each resource has categories (e.g. App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads, Facebook, etc.)
  • During onboarding (Outseta sign up form), a user checks the categories they are interested in and it ends up as a β€œcustom property” in Outseta

I am able to get to display this custom property in webflow by embedding this code (more info here from Outseta):

<span data-o-member="Categories"></span>

It shows something like this (depending on which categories the user chose on onboarding):

β€œApp Store Optimization”,
β€œApple Search Ads”,

I can’t figure out how to automatically filter my collection list with these values.
I assume I have to use javascript to put the values from that array of categories into variables, that I then use to filter the collection list. Or that I use the variables to create filtering buttons that are then used to filter the collection list.

Hey, I'm Sylvain

Hi everyone,

I'm located in NYC.

Ages ago I got a CS master degree, definitely without excelling at it or really enjoying it. I have switched to (mobile) marketing since then, but really excited about the possibilities of no-code.

I "built" a "database" in Notion with the key insights πŸ’ŽΒ  from mobile marketing resources (webinars, podcasts, etc.), you can learn more here:

Now I'm trying to take this to the next level with Bubble + integrate a Circle community.

What I've done so far:

  • Interviewed all the existing Growth Gems members that would talk to me
  • Did a Udemy "Bubble bootcamp" which was really useful to get started
  • Defined my database tables (I have the feeling changes will be needed)
  • Created mockups of my MVP with Balsamiq and getting feedback from a few people

I have now started building in Bubble and already facing several technical challenges but remain hopeful that I can do it.

I assume this is not a space to promote this kind of services, but I'm interested in recommendations on the best places to get both free and paid support regarding specific requests. In case I get stuck...

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