Madhav Nalla

Digital Nomad
Hi, I'm a digital nomad - travelling since last year and for another 2 years or more.
Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to have in-app messaging in a Webflow app ( using another app like Airtable for the backend ).Β  Adalo and Bubble offer the feature - where users can message each other live. For example, if you have a travel app - users in a particular city can chat to each other within the app. Just wondering if there is a way to do this in Webflow without a Facebook or Whattsapp widget.Β  Thank you in advance.
I did some research around this topic and came across these ones:
Glenn McWhinney replied
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I'd also like to see this built. We considered this platform on a project but it didn't have an affordable tier in its pricing to be able to test it out fully before committing 200 Euros per month!
Madhav Nalla replied
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Hi, I'm Madhav ( Allan ) - currently a digital slo-mad - spend about 2 months in each location.Β  I'm planning to build some basic apps over the next 2- 4 months; using no code tools of course. I have a business background - mostly financial services, but decided to make a career change into the digital sphere.Β  I'm also slowly learning to codeΒ  - web developement, javascript and python.Β  Looking forward to connecting, discussing and learning about no code tools, with like-minded people in this community. Specifically interested to learn Adalo and Bubble in-depth.Β 
Hey Madhav,

Great to have you join the community! I love the term slo-mad, definitely will be using that :)Β 

Looking forward to see what you create!Β