Hello, great job here un Makerpad, it is very helpful.Β 
I have a wine app in the app store and play store, I want to reprogram it in Adalo to have control, improve it and incorporate new functions. I'm starting small, but I already have a problem with something.Β 
I have the local Adalo user database. And I was able to connect my external product database (wines) from Airtable.Β 
I've seen the tutorial on Makerpad how to set favorites in Adalo, and the "local" user database should create a "relationship" with the products (wines) database, in order to create the "favorites" property.Β 
BUT it turns out that the user base does not show the relationship with the external base of Airtable.
Adalo has a tutorial with an internal base, with a copy of the external base.
but I really don't get it. I also do not understand why they say that connecting with external bases is so easy, and it is so difficult to create something like favorites.
somebody could help me?

Yep, I feel your pain. You can't create relationships between internal and external databases / tables at the moment so you have to work around it. Not sure it will help but maybe have a look at my video on how I made use of both internal and external (in Airtable) databases by keeping the data in sync between the two:

Watch Video (10:21)Β 
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Hi, i am workin with Airtable & Shopify. I make a Zap for "create products" and works fine. But i need a solution for "update products", becauase i already created more than 102 products, but if i need to make a small change like a character error in some product, the zap dont "update". and i dont find an option to "update" products in shopify.. can you help me? thanks
Hey there. Having not used Zapier for Airtable Base to Shopify product sync'ing I can't help particularly quickly, though I'm sure other members here can, but I will tell you that Integromat has very comprehensive coverage of Shopify's API and so if you get roadblocks with Zapier, I can say with 100% confidence that Integromat can do the job. How do I know that?...

I'm building a solution for a client at the moment which does exactly that!Β 

➑️ Airtable CRM as the single source of truth for Products and Variants
➑️ Automate the creation and update of all products from Airtable to Shopify including images
➑️ Set product inventory level for products in Airtable and sync over to Shopify (this is a little tricky by the way - I can help if you are considering this)
➑️ Download summary of Paid Orders and their Order Lines from Shopify to Airtable and reduce the inventory levels in Airtable for the Variants in this orders
➑️ More to come as it's a work in progress...

If you switch to Integromat I can definitely help 😁
Hi. Thanks. Yes i tried wkith integronat because i see it has theΒ  posibility of updtae. But is not so simple like a zap. So i couldn t do it. And i see tha integromat sync more fields. I male the zap with some product but i am in tests stage so i can make a try with integromat. I am for argentina, because of that my bad english. Sorry. How can you help me?Β 
Hi Glenn. like you said, i dont have much knowledge about integromat. i think that is was like zapier, direct, but integromat has a lot of steps.. i see a integromat template: "Add new Airtable record as Shopify product draft". i will try with that.Β 
I have my product data base in airtable, and the products are "wines",Β  simple with few information, without variants. So I just need integromat to create the products in shopify,Β  and if I make a change in already created products in airtable, also do that update on shopify.
i think that the integromat template, doesnt have the "update" issue..
what do you think ? thanks Nacho

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