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Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Marcus. Product studio founder, father of 4, nocode novice.
Hi 👋🏻 ! I’m a nocode novice, 2 weeks into this new world. :) I’m struggling a bit to build good nocode habits. There’re so many tools and so many options, easy to get lost in the world of possibility. :)  Feel I need a better system for learning and improving. 

Few things can have a more powerful impact on your life than improving your daily habits, so I’m really curious to hear about people’s daily nocode habits.

In other words.... What regular daily practices or routines have you established that you feel you couldn’t live without when creating your nocode magic? 
Marcus here. Joining the T30 challenge. Hope it’s not too late. 👋🏻

Great to have you join the challenge! It's not too late! 

You got any ideas in mind yet? Or is it time for a t30 challenge brainstorm! 😀
Hi! Yeah I’ve got an idea. Got really inspired by the book “Atomic Habits”, and would like to build a product that helps product people build better product habits. Like a toolbox and marketplace for proven product habits by inspiring  product people. Happy to chat over a brainstorm! 
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