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3 Business Ideas Someone Should Build

Found this thread on Reddit and guy is sharing his 3 business ideas with a proper explanation.

#1: Murder Mystery Walking Tours

This idea is less revolved around a pain point and more of a fun idea. Nonetheless, I still think someone should build it.Β 

#2: Airbnb Deal Finder

Have you ever negotiated Airbnb or VRBO prices? I hadn’t either until my friend told me he saves ~20% on every Airbnb he stays at.

#3: Managing Interns as a Service

If you’ve ever been in charge of managing interns, you know it’s a huge pain in the ass. Typically, you spend more time per intern than you do a full-time employee. You need to recruit a cohort/class each year, help them figure out housing (in some cases), train them, and most importantly, keep them busy with meaningful work.

You can read full post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur/comments/m0itg5/3_business_ideas_someone_should_build/
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