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I enjoy helping entrepreneurs by building growth tools, databases, spreadsheets, automations so they can focus on their customers. I blog at builderssun.com
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create an ecommerce site (has some Shopify background) that allows people to upload their logos and customise their product and get real time mockup of finished goods. Like say Printful and Printify but with our own dropship supplier. Anyone has heard of such a tool or made an attempt?

I looked through the Shopify App Store and found a bunch, still undecided on which one.

Shopify App Store

Hey Wit - I'm in a similar position. I want to sell customisable print-on-demand greeting cards via my Shopify store, but have had trouble finding an app that will do exactly what I want it to (i.e. display real-time mockups of the product).Β 

I've got a guy I refer my Shopify questions to, and he was able to give me a quote for a custom job - might be worth reaching out to some Shopify devs and seeing if they could point you in the right direction?Β 
Never ventured into Shopify or ecomm really but hopefully, someone has a good solution!
Hi everyone!

Previously I've worked on the more spreadsheety side of No-Code and played around a bit with Glide. Now I'm working with creating a web gallery site that allows users to upload a lot of high resolution photos and share them privately. So it seems I'll need:

  • Members (Memberstack? Memberspace? Native?)
  • Photos/videos (???)

The photos and videos part is a bit unclear at the moment. Assuming the use case would be sharing trip photos with family and friends privately. Does anyone has pointers?

I found myself here as someone who sometimes get ideas, who's taken part in early stage projects. Looking to learn more and get stuff going with No-Code.

Let's enjoy the journey together.