Hey folks!

I've been building software for 22+ years, for large cos and my own venture-backed startups. You can read my cv here.

More recently I'm building a small community through a new email newsletter ( YEN. FM ) that is complimenting my work on YouTube, Twitter, and Indie Hackers.

I'm a dad (i have a teenager!!), husband for 15+ years, and long-time blogger. Really excited about the `community` building stuff here!

I can help with:
  1. building products
  2. talking about products
  3. team & community building
  4. amateur filmmakingΒ 

Hey John,

πŸ‘‹ Glad to have you join the community! I'm sure the aspiring YouTubers in the community would love some tips on how you make your vlogs & on amateur film-making too!Β 
Interesting topics!
John replied
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John is the real deal! Fun to see you here :)