Noele Flowers

Community Manager, Consultant, and Blogger
Hey, I'm Noele! I lead community at Teachable. Outside my full time gig, I work with entrepreneurs & early career CMs to reach a bolder vision for community.
Hi new friends!

My name is Noele, and I'm so thrilled to be here in the Makerpad community (thanks for welcoming me in,Β Amie Pollack πŸ˜ƒ).

By day, I lead community at Teachable. In my (almost 4!) years there, I've grown a community from 8k-40k+ on Facebook Groups, run programs like a course creation incubator and distributed ownership events, and most recently, completely re-launched our community (& strategy) on Circle.Β 

Outside of my full-time, I talk, write, and consult on community (and play in an alt-country girl band). I love working with founders and small businesses who know they want (need!) to start a community, but don't have the resources to hire a community manager full-time just yet. I like helping people set up their projects to succeed without running into "community debt" down the line.

Ask me about:Β 
  • Community building & engagementΒ 
  • How community can impact other parts of your business (but I have a special passion for content & product!)Β 
  • Making a killer strategy for a new community project

Tell me about:Β 

All things no code! Excited to learn from y'all πŸ“

Looking forward to getting to know you all & chatting with you during the community program next week!Β