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Hey Makerpad Fam, hope you all have been safe and healthy during these uncertain times. I'm leaning on your expertise for this question.

My dad has a UPS Store in the Greater Toronto Area. I want to help him build a simple CRM and mailing list so that he can reach out to customers (phone, email, text) and let them know about upcoming sales and promotions.

He is not tech-savvy at all, but I will be running this for him until he picks it up himself and can handle it independently.

This is his website:

Currently, he has a good amount of customers emails and phone numbers in an excel sheet, lol. They have all consented to outreach.

What is the best way to go about this? I am guessing Airtable, Zapier etc but would love to know where to start. I'm actually diving into the CRM & Sales Pipeline part of the basics bootcamp.

Thank you!
- Varun (
Hi Varun, it sounds like with the excel sheet, he has a CRM already. But maybe he needs to communicate to these ppl now? It might be more interesting to put the contacts into a mailing service like MailChimp or ConverKit so that because within, he can divide contacts based on types and use the platform to start mailing....heΒ can even include any sort of promo deals within. I was just thinking this might be more useful now as opposed to recreating a database setup that, by the sounds of it, ur dad probably won’t touch anywayΒ 
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Hello Varun, we have recently been working on creating apps for SMEs and MSMEs and your query sounds like a challenge which we can manage. I can show you a prototype if you are interested.Β 
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