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#T30 - Day 10 - TTV Dashboard

Using Figma to think about the design of the experience, working on the nocode stuff this weekend for 4 our most active members to use.

Here's the first design.
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Customer research using Typeform #t30

Used Typeform to collect feedback from The Trusted Circle members.

Looking forward to use the data to add to our workshop with the team over the weekend.
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The Trusted Voice Dashboard #mpc-t30

We have an active membership called The Trusted Circle and this coming weekend, we're working on a hypothesis to help us focus during this nocode challenge.Β 

It's a team exercise, actually 2 of the members are part of the community.

  • Paulius (UX, member of The Trusted Circle)
  • Bernarndo (automation, member of The Trusted Circle)
  • Jay (UX writer, The Trusted Voice)Β 
  • String (Founder, The Trusted Voice)

We created a survey to send to our community using Typeform.

This morning, we finished our intro-session over Zoom.
Here's of us:

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