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I work with businesses to address their most pressing concerns using sales data. Google Sheets and Tableau are my GoTo tools. Other tools I absolutely love are Glide Apps and Pipedrive.
One of my contacts is in the luxury furniture market.

I need a few inputs from the community to understand how easy or hard it is going to be to build a custom platform that has the following capability:
- Multiple vendors for different components (cushions, covers, springs, frames).
- Multiple vendors for the same components (same as above).
- Fabric inventory management system (each fabric type/color has a different batch and each batch has a different usable length of material), from raising the POs for vendors.
- Order status management (from my friend's perspective, as well as from each of the manufacturer's perspective).
- A portal for multiple shipping vendors to manage pickup and drop of the furniture.
- Ability to integrate with the vendors' systems to avoid repetitive logging of information.
- Every market (continent) has a different set of suppliers.

The order journey will:
- begin when a PO is raised in the invoicing system (Xero).
- finish when the order is successfully delivered to a customer.

Each vendor will have access to the necessary information (for instance, a cushion manufacturer doesn't need to know the customer's address, but the shipping company does).

I have seen some amazing custom products built using Webflow and Bubble. But unfortunately, I don't have enough hands-on experience with these tools.

Can anyone share inputs about how this can be accomplished, the timeline, the cost?

I am happy to introduce anyone who is interested to the decision-makers.
Airtable would be a great fit for the backend and combined with some Airtable Blocks, some automation tasks (Integromat or Parabola) and an access layer for handling permissions (Stackerapp) this sounds doable.
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Feel like you may be able to build it with Adalo but you may run into issues with multi vendors etc and payments in other currencies.

Maybe an out of the box solution like Sharetribe may get you some of the way there?
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Think an ERP like Odoo which is easy to use and setup would be a perfect fit for this complicated purpose and not build a new system..happy to have a chat :)
Blog post: Glide Apps Template: Helping Educational Institutes Go Online

Live App Demo: Online Courses (should ideally be the institute's name)Β 
  • I created a blog post on my website about it
  • I posted on Makerpad about it
  • I published it on the Glide Apps template store

To test what worked, I am repeating the same steps with this template.
I am experimenting with this app to help discover interesting newsletters/writeups/essays and Substacks.

Glide App:

Some of the writeups are readable in-app too.

You can upvote your favorite articles too, which then get rolled up to the Substack. (There is a bug in Glide with upvoting that will be fixed in a couple of days.)

Let me know if you think this is useful to have.
If you'd like to feature yourself, add some of your best posts and also list your substack.

I have made it extremely simple to submit an article/substack. But the more information you add, the easier it will be for me to make the listing public.
It sounds good πŸ™‚

Again, congrats for this app. Really nice!Β 
You're the King of GlideΒ Amit Sarda !

I've discovered Adalo on my side. It miss some features such as markdown & richtext in text components, but it also has lot of advantages. A'have you ever tried Adalo?Β 
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Created a Glide Apps template to help restaurateurs launch digital menus. It will help them take one step towards minimizing physical touchpoints for their diners.

Links: Blog post and App
This app is published as a paid template in Glide's template store.


Use the 'Preview as' option with to see the template in action.

It will be interesting to see what people are willing to pay in this store!Β 
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