James Simpson

Founder, WhatFeatures.io
Hi, sharing my T30 Project with you all.

Please vote below:

Spent loads of time creating over the last 30 days and hopefully it will prove to be helpful to lots of people in this group. Have a look and let me know what you think!

I've made it so the first 100 users are free - we have 49 so far which is amazing but would love to get some more from Makers Pad:


Hi all,

I have quite a specific problem for WhatFeatures.io

I'd like to allow a founder to create a feature showcase for their specific users. I.e. only users that have signed up to their product is able to view or interact with a specific page on my bubble app

Are there any no code tools that might be able to help with this problem?

If I understand correctly users would have to have signed up to both platforms preferably at once. This sounds like single-sign-on functionality. I am not sure a plugin exists exists within bubble for that.

Perhaps these links would help you in your research:


Any progress you make on this I would surely like to learn about :)

Best of luck with your app!
Hi all - sharing my first no code project:


The idea is to allow founders to create a showcase of potential upcoming features for their products and share with users. Users upvote their favourite and receive a reward (discount voucher / content etc.) for their insight.Β 
The showcases with the most engagement are top of the homepage so will get even more engagement and new users.

I've created it entirely in bubble - my first bubble project! You should now be able to go on and create your own showcase. Please let me know what you think - any feedback much appreciated. Thanks