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After ~7 weeks of work, proud to release adepty. I'm mostly working on getting a few service provider friends through the funnel and fine tuning the experience. Already spotted obvious areas for improvement but now that it's out there it feels a lot more real..The premise of adepty is to help solo service providers (or people with skills who need to earn in their spare time) gain access to new income streams and productivity tools. In a Covid world, I decided to take on some risk to lower the barriers to entry for anyone to earn. It didn't feel right asking for a subscription with the uncertainty this exact profile face. I've used Sharetribe Flex for adepty and I can't recommend the team there enough. I'm focused on building a two sided marketplace for the UK and Ireland to begin with, but any service provider in Europe is free to make use of the platform and start taking bookings and payments. I just won't be helping grow buyer demand for their cities just yet.
Hi Ciaran . Clean and easy. From when do you start paying the monthly sharetribe flex fees of $299/mo ?

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Nice work Ciaran , something I think will be very useful.

Super interested to see how you tackle this feature "Claim your own unique short user name and URL" as it's something I'll need to do within my project.

Best of luck!
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