Dulma Altan

Founder & CEO of Makelane
On a mission to help women start & scale thriving consumer brands. 👯‍♀️
A little background: I studied International Development in undergrad at Brown where I also taught yoga as a certified Vinyasa instructor. During my college years I fell in love with startups, interned at Red Antler, and left to work at Google. 

After a stint in the corporate world, I did some freelance digital marketing & started my first business, a clean fragrance retail store called Potion which I bootstrapped for 2 years. I then pivoted into what I'm working on now which is Makelane, the MasterClass for women starting businesses. Our first membership is in ecommerce/DTC. We've hosted over 50 live masterclasses with folks who've helped scale brands like Allbirds, Casper, Sephora, Lululemon and Tesla. 

We've grown a community of 1,100+ women ecommerce founders, launched our beta paid membership in July, and are looking to raise a preseed round in Nov/Dec.

Fun facts about me:
- I was born in Mongolia and moved to the States at age 6 (and still speak Mongolian)
- I studied abroad in Paris where I became fluent-ish in French
- I love podcasts and listen to more podcasts than almost anyone I know (across the business, entrepreneurship, and personal development categories)

If anyone wants to talk community, online learning, empowering women, or DTC I'm always game.
welcome to the group Dulma Altan ! Great story and I love the name "Potion". Mongolia is on my list of places to visit (whenever that will be). I'm building a community as well. Let's grab a virtual coffee ☕
Hey Dulma,

Welcome to the Makerpad community! I'd definitely love to learn more about DTC and how it's changing retail online.