Dogukan Ozgen

I work as a product lead on education co by day, and work on my project by night. Learning bubble. Here to learn and share.
Hi everyone, 

Dogukan here. I'm working my through the bootcamps at the moment. My day job's developing courses for clients & managing virtual event projects. At night, I get on my batmobile 🦇 and cruise the internet for starting my own gig. 

I'm interested in learning Bubble more and I got some experience with Carrd, Glide, Airtable, Zapier.

I just signed up to get an accountability partner (I think it's a brilliant idea), and hope to be more on the community.  

PS: Just a shout out to the MP team, I think they're doing a great job on Bootcamps, & developing this community. 

I'm here to learn and share whatever I learn. 

Hey Dogukan! 

Welcome and good to see you getting going with Bubble! In the process of finding you an accountability partner now!
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