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A day in the life of an Engineering Manager

Being a software engineering manager means negotiating client requirements, pushing towards milestones, cultivating agile dev frameworks, helping the team to advance their goals.

From conversations with engineering managers across the industry, we understand that being a software engineering manager is an act of balancing between the careful management of project logistics and consistently deliver working systems on time.

Here is a quick read on our understanding: A day in the life of an engineering manager

If you are one of the engineering managers, please share your insights in the comment section below.
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Connecting GraphQL APIs to No-Code apps now possible on DronaHQ!

Hi everyone!Β 

This week we have some major new API and Database connectors released on DronaHQ. You can now also connect DronaHQ to GraphQL APIs to build admin panels, dashboards, and utilities on top of your GraphQL data.

What's more, you can combine GraphQL data with other data sourcesΒ  including databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Airtable), and other APIs (e.g. HubSpot, Stripe, Zendesk).

You can find the details about how you can start using the new connectors here:Β 
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How do you add event handlers to apps (no-code)?

Hey Makerpad Community,

How do you add events handlers in your no-code apps for events like - on button click, on value change, on value enter, on hover, on page load and so on?

At DronaHQ, we have introduced UI Control Events. These events help users define actions that should be triggered when, say, the user is - selecting an item in the drop down menu or changing the selection from a radio control or clicking a button.Β 
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Using these events you can configure powerful actions like querying your database, sending emails, logic branching, notifications, and more.

What do you think?
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Let semi-technical people work with SQL data more easily - Introducing Query Builder in DronaHQ

If there is one way to make most sense out of your datasets, it’s through queries. We’ve introduced a Query Builder control in DronaHQ to effortlessly create dynamic SQL queries for your database and assign to data visualization components.

Superior filter powers to the database

This SQL query builder will help you apply your instincts as a Database Administrator in a no-code way. Simply define a schema that provides the definition for the filters available. The output of the control will provide the WHERE clause that can then be passed as a variable directly to the SQL query.

For example
, you could enrich your customer communication tool from your lead management database. Your data could be sitting on a MySQL database. Using the SQL query builder you can define the rules such as user web sessions, or how many days ago they were last seen on your website, or what subscription plan they are on to filter your customer data set and take action.Β 
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Building admin panels, CRUD apps, client on top of a database

Creating internal tools like Admin Panels and Dashboards on top your datasources like MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL etc. is easy with low-code internal tool development platform DronaHQ.

Explore the fastest way to build an admin panel:
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[LowCode Live] Designing a CRM Dashboard using DronaHQ

DronaHQ gives a drag and drop way of building internal tools, apps, processes. Experience the magic of no-code low-code for frontend designing and development as we design a CRM dashboard i.e. Salesforce clone in under 45 mins.

In just under 45 minutes you can explore how quick and simple it is to create custom frontend apps on DronaHQ.

You can register at:Β 

The session is happening today Jun 4, 9 am PT.

If you are leading customer success, or you are a frontend developer, ux designer, citizen developer, no-code/low-code enthusiast - I urge you to drop by this Live Build Session.
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