Mahadeep Ray

Hi Everyone, I believe that online learning is still cost prohibitive for many and wish to make it accessible for all.
I was just checking the traffic reports of my site. And found out that more than 45% traffic is from this community

Thank you people for all the support and motivation.

Do visit: and give me any feedback or suggestions you have.
After building the product and refining it based on the feedback, now I am working on the growth.

Do visit PeakUp.spaceΒ to discover the best free learning resources across wide range of topics.
Thank you Julie Gauthier for your kind words about the experience of using PeakUp.

I am building this website to help users find free high quality learning resources and such kind words help in working even harder.

Got motivated to add 2 new sections in the website.

Added the categories section to help user understand the width of topics for which free resources are available.

And also added a featured section to showcase the trending free resources.

Would love if other members of the community also visit:Β

Had to pivot from the initial idea of curating learning paths.

Now focused on creating discovery platform for the best free resources available.

Have any suggestions for resources? Please let me know.

Would love to get feedback for -

Professional education is still cost prohibitive for many. I wish to change that with a newer Type of learning methodology.