Jamie Kane

Small Business Owner, No-Code Fan
Hello! I run a small business in Ireland. I love running, climbing and most of all I love to make things.

Automate Social Media with Placid and Airtable

Hi Everyone,

I made a tutorial around streamlining the content production & social media content publishing process using Airtable as the control centre and integrating an image creation API called Placid.app. 


Would love feedback or if you have experience making similar type workflows would love to hear about it.

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WPForms / Jotforms interact with tables in Adalo?


Anyone know if it is possible to use a form provider (e.g. WPForms or JotForms) as your sign up form for an Adalo app? Tried using zapier to take info from a WPForm submission, and create a record in the Adalo users table - getting an error message in Zapier.

Reason I am trying to do it this way is to use the signature block functionality at signup (no signature functionality in Adalo forms).

Appreciate any ideas! 


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Hi, I am Jamie from Dublin, Ireland! 🇮🇪

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Client Portal Using Adalo + Airtable?

Hi there, new to this! Anyone have any experience creating a client portal using Adalo + Airtable? Is this even possible? Thanks!