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Hey all, is soon launching the Airtable integration 🀩 and now looking for beta users for closed Beta.
If you have an Airtable base that you want to turn into a web-app (listings, job boards, directories, etc) pls apply here for early access -

Hey all,

I'm trying to export all the upvoters for our product using Phantombuster, and I know it allows exporting the last 50 only. I have put the job to run every hour, so it exports all new 50 every hour, but it keeps overriding the generated excel file (I thought it would generate new files on every run).Β 
Do you guys know if it's possible to configure Phantom job so it exports into new files every time, or do I have to manually download it every time (doesn't make sense :)).

P.S. I'm on a free plan, maybe for paid plans it's possible?

I don't know how Phantom buster works, but maybe using zapier or integromat you could create a timed copy of your output file, then empty it, on a hourly basis?Β 
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Check out APIFY as an alternate to phantom busterΒ Mariam HakobyanΒ while it isn’t completely nocode their tech support are great at walking you through some light code. It’s a fantastic scraper tool for exactly this kind of thing
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Dear community! πŸ‘‹ πŸ’™

We've launched Softr on Producthunt, a no-code platform to build beautiful websites & web-apps, without code.Β 
It’s now trending #1 and we would be SO GRATEFUL πŸ™ for your love and upvotes, if you find it interesting!πŸ‘‡

Hope this will help many of you go from zero to a website in 5 mins, with no code, no learning curve.Β 
Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

I just launched 100+ No-Code Resources Trello Board in ProductHunt, a comprehensive list of no-code communities, tools, schools, podcasts, newsletters and more to get you a headstart into the no-code and to help you build your first (or next!) awesome project! πŸš€

Would be sooo GRATEFUL for your love and upvotes, if you find it useful! πŸ™
Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹

We have just launched publicly. πŸ‘‰Softr is a platform that lets non-tech founders and startups build responsive websites & web-apps, without code. With this first version, it allows building nice looking, responsive multi-page websites using building blocks, in 5 minutes. Try it for free here -

As a big thank you to all our supporters, subscribers and early adopters from this community, we are offering everyone in the community a 50% discount for a whole year. Use MPAD30 discount code at the checkout.πŸ™Œ

Can't wait to see what will you build! πŸš€ We would love to hear your feedback!!!

Mariam from Softr
Gotta admit that it's quite courageous to venture in the super-competitive world of site-builders. Props to you for having the grit to make your project a reality.
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Checked Softr out the other day and it's looking really sweet Mariam! Well done on the launch πŸ˜€
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Congrats on the launch Mariam!

The app looks very cool and was this built using no-code at all?
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Hey everyone, I'm Mariam, an engineer and ex-Director of Engineering, now building - a no-code platform that lets non-tech founders and startups visually build powerful web-apps, without a single line of code.Β 
Softr aims to empower the 99% of the world who don't know how to code, to build complex web-apps without having to learn how to code.

Really passionate about the no-code space and 100% convinced it's the future. Happy to be part of this awesome community Ben has started, and help/share/support anyone with anything I can.Β 

We are launching the first version of our product in a week, so would love to see many of you check it out and share your feedback with us.
Ping me at if you have any questions about Softr or simply want to chat about anything tech/engineering/entrepreneurship!
It looks beautiful! I've signed up. I'm curious how yours differ from other web builders such as Carrd, Wix, Squarespace, and Webflow. I agree that those builders have their own merits and limits -- so I'm wondering what is your main focus to differentiate yours from the rest. Will take a look when it's available to me :D Cheers!
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Looking forward to take Softr for a spin πŸ€“
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Me too!