Rachit Khator

Founder, Stackby.com
Hi everyone,

My name is Rachit Khator and I'm the Founder & CEO of Stackby.com. We're a new spreadsheet-database hybrid, supercharged with APIs.

What separates us from the rest is that you can connect columns to third party services to automatically pull information in your tables and refresh your cells to bring data in real-time. We've over 40 no-code API connectors with popular services like Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook Ads and more.

Quick product tour video here:

Not only Stackby allows you to manage and organize your data, but also automate your data gathering and reporting in a single place without having to do any patch-work across tools.Β 

We're almost 3 years in the making, constantly collecting feedback and giving more possibilities to makers to build their own tools, their way. Do give it a try and looking forward for your feedback & insights!Β 
Hey Rachit,

Welcome to the Makerpad community!Β 

Great to have you join us, looking forward to learning more about Stackby and testing it out soon! :)
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