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Hey friends! I’ve spent the last 10 years building hyper-growth startups and running growth strategy for enterprise brands and private equity groups. I recently blew my life up... left my company, moved out of NYC, and got engaged. What's next?!

Loyalty program powered by sms (open to hiring!)

I have an interesting challenge:

Company I'm working with owns 1500+ water and ice stations in the US primarily servicing areas that don't have access to clean tap water (yes the issue is that widespread)

There is no existing customer database and no way to currently intake customer data -- the stations don't even have credit card readers for attribution.

We want a way to build a digital funnel and a way to get close to attribution. We also want to build a direct line to our customers -- for example, we're giving away free water in Texas right now but don't have a way to directly tell our customers who desperately need it.

The solution we came up with was to launch a loyalty program powered by SMS.

Here's the plan:
1) Drive users to a landing page for SMS sign up with promotional incentives (ie. free water credits)
2) Put stickers on all of the stations with QR codes -- users can text the number on the sticker for mobile sign up and scan the QR code for point redemption (our closest proxy for attribution)
3) optional beta: Receipt upload -- text us a picture of your receipt for points (Still not sure about this one in practice -- imagine it will have to be monitored manually until proven)

Assets include:
Landing page with promotion for sign up
Sticker on all stations promoting sign up via text
Sticker on all stations with QR code -- QR code scan denotes a station visit and generates loyalty points
Referral program -- refer a friend to SMS sign up and redeem points when they scan the QR code
Upload image of the receipt for credits based on purchase

Track user events (ie. sign up, referral, receipt upload)
Track user loyalty points
(am I missing anything?)

What platform should we use? We're starting from scratch and the team has no technical capabilities internally. A dope airtable set up?

Automated welcome flow
One-to-many announcements
Merge fields that pull in loyalty points and milestones
(am I missing anything?)

What platform should we use? We've been looking at Simpletexting, thoughts? Team does not have the resources to set this up or manage it ongoing so looking for somebody who would want to run with it.

1) What platforms should we use for CMS and SMS?Β 
2) Any agencies or freelancers we should connect with to build this out? Company has budget.Β 
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Any DashDash/Rows Experts Looking For Contracting Work?

I got close to creating my own version of the Morning Brew lead generation tool highlighted by MakerPad in Rows (formerly DashDash). It was working for a bit but I left it dormant for a couple of months and now it's broken and I'm too removed from the weeds to begin to figure out what's wrong with it.Β 

Looking to use Rows for lead sourcing and then connect those leads into my CRM (Copper). Basically found something that works but don't want to avoid having to go into Rows and troubleshoot consistently. Looking for somebody to set something up that's a bit more streamlined.Β 
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Hey There

I’ve spent the last 10 years building hyper-growth startups and running growth strategy for enterprise brands and private equity groups. Then in March, I transitioned out of my company, moved from NYC to Boulder CO, got engaged, and here we are.Β 

I now serve as an interim head of growth for companies with aggressive growth targets and run a collective of senior technical marketers who exchange ideas and opportunities.Β 

Currently exploring fun ways to manage internal operations and my CRM using no-code platforms, and excited to connect with other tinkerers.Β 
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How do I scrape job boards to identify leads by job title or description?

Hey! I'm looking to pull companies into my CRM based on:

1) Job postings -- have they recently posted a job with {keyword} in the title or description?
2) Fundraising -- have they recently raised a round of funding over {X}?
3) Revenue -- are they bringing in over {X} annually?
4) Saas product -- I was wondering if I could bring in marketing saas platform (ie. Shopify, Iterable etc.) from BuiltWith
5) Bonus: Linkedin Connection -- Prioritize if they are a 1st or second connection on Linkedin

I was looking at the Makerpad Morning Brew sales CRM stack which was interesting --

That said, I'm not committed to any platforms or stacks at the moment. Open to all opinions.Β 
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