Mike Williams (Yoroomie)

Building & investing in marketplace startups
Started this group Everything Marketplaces to build the best & most helpful community for marketplace founders. Also, Studiotime (www.studiotime.io) and Thinkbox (www.thinkbox.io)

How To Use Circle For A Paid Community & Walkthrough

Hey everyone, I wanted to share another video that covering how we switched from Slack to Circle for the Everything Marketplaces community once we hit 500+ members. In this video I share I how I initially setup & configured Circle, migrated 550+ members over from Slack, how I use Zapier to automate posts, then also some tips & insights on how I run the new Circle community. 

Hope this is helpful for others that are looking to build a community!
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Rebuilding A Community Platform In Webflow

Hey all, I wanted to share a brief video I made that covers how I rebuilt the Everything Marketplaces community platform using Webflow, Memberstack, Jetboost, & Airtable.

It's more high level, but happy to dive into it more with any questions here.
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Directory of no code marketplaces (Sharetribe, Webflow, & Bubble)

Hey all, a few years ago I made a directory of Sharetribe marketplaces that was quite popular. Since then, there have been quite a few new no code marketplaces launch that were built using other platforms, so I made a new & updated one that includes more.

This directory has real examples of live & operational marketplaces that were built using Sharetribe, Bubble, and Webflow. I also included the tools stacks for each so it's a bit more detailed.

You'll see some familiar marketplaces like Caleb Barclay Dwellito (who had a great Makerpad post on how he built it), Connor Finlayson Unicorn Factory (also has awesome story on how built), and more.

Hopefully this is helpful for everyone!

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The Guide To No Code Marketplaces Is Live!

Hey all! Excited to share here in the showcase that I just launched my first book, The Guide To No Code Marketplaces

My goal was to make a resource that provides a framework to help people understand their marketplace requirements, the no code tool & platform options, and determine which might be best-suited for building with no code. It also includes sections on how to operate & scale a no code marketplace, along with other no code marketplace founder interviews & insights (like tool stacks, costs to run, etc).

It's the first longer form piece of writing I've done, so I'm making it completely free and just trying to get it out so that others might find it helpful. Would love to hear everyone's feedback once you have a chance to read and happy to help out any Makerpad members.

Also, I announced it on Twitter here and then on Product Hunt here and any RT's/sharing to help spread the word is greatly appreciated! 
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Pre-launch for eBook/Guide landing page

Hey all, excited to share that I'm launching "The Guide To No Code Marketplaces" soon! In advance of launch (next Wednesday/Thursday) I went ahead and made a quick landing page for it here. I built the page using Carrd and had a few questions for the group here:

-Would love quick feedback on page if looks good from a design standpoint
-The guide is going to be free and to access, just enter email
-With the above said, I'm just using Mailchimp for email list and don't want to overwhelm people with drips following. Simple enter email, get guide, and done.
-Any examples of free (but valuable) guide or eBook launches that had successful launches in that they created some buzz on Twitter & social standpoint?

Would love to hear any other tips, tools, etc that might be helpful 🙏 
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Two Quick Weekend Builds For Marketplace Resources (Carrd Builds)

Hey all, I couldn't resist getting back to building no code side projects this weekend and just built two using Carrd.

The first is a directory for marketplace books as recommended by founders https://everythingmarketplaces.com/#books

The other is a resource I made from a carrd template I was playing around with after, which should hopefully help others learn how to build a spaces, services, or goods marketplace https://marketplacetutorials.carrd.co
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Yo, I'm Mike (Yoroomie)! Here's more about me..

Yo, I'm Mike (Yoroomie) and glad to be a part of the Makerpad community! 

I'm big into no code and marketplaces and here are some things I run:

Thinkbox (www.thinkbox.io) - We build marketplaces using no & low code
Studiotime (www.studiotime.io) - Airbnb for music studios
Everything Marketplaces (www.everythingmarketplaces.com) - Community for marketplace founders 

If anyone ever has any questions about no code marketplaces (building, operating, etc) I'm a message away and always try to help how I can. 
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