Product Manager | UX Strategy
I'm a user experience manager with a background in product design and development, program management and business analysis. I love UX/CX and motion design.
Give webdatarocks a try. You should be able to create what you need then incorporate into your site via api.
Hi there Sri, Feel free to DM me. I'd love to help out,
Hi Christina, Congratulations!! Very nice. I have 2 small suggestions. On the "Premium Classes" tab, the sub head font is very light and could be difficult for some folks to see. It is such an important line about your target audience. I would beef it up a bit. Maybe use a regular font vs light. The headline is super heavy so I think you can beef up the subheader a bit without taking away from the headline. "Specifically tailored program for..." is a critical line for that page.  On the home page, your mother's last name gets a bit lost in the highlights of the image. Maybe add a bit of dark overlay behind the text of make it caption but I would say it's important to see her name. Or add name to narrative on the page perhaps. Love the logo. And overall nicely done!!!