Blake Sieders

Founder, Emigro Startup Studio
Founder, Non-coding Technologist, Project & Product Manager

👋🏻 Hi everybody, I'm Blake, founder of Emigro Startup Studio

Every time I introduce myself online I have the voices of Dr. Nick Riviera and Troy McClure in my mind, and I haven't watched the Simpsons since 1999. 🤣

Anyway, I'm a kind-of tech founder, meaning I'm a non-coding mechanical engineering technologist. I'm very slowly learning coding and no-coding at the same time.

I'm building Emigro Startup Studio, launching global mobility and immigration related products, by immigrants - for immigrants. This awesome article that was just released by indie builder, Dru Riley, gives a lot of great info about the startup studio model.

No-code makes a lot of sense for what I'm doing and I'm getting my feet wet trying it out on some of my products. This will be a big year for ESS!

I also applied for the Mozilla MVP builder program, with a broader legaltech product, and have my fingers crossed for good news this week.
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