Matias Raymaekers

Former Pro Athlete. Love time with my family.

Have a public preview of a blog post with Outseta?

Hi, I want to show a public preview of some blog posts on a webflow site. But at around 20% of the page I want to put a 'sign up CTA' and make the content go 'unreadable'....

Is this possible with Outseta? Any other way? I'm aiming to go for a paid membership site...moving members from my Ghost site, which is too hard (for me) to edit.
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Construction Firm: Form -> Populate .docx/.doc in Windows environment(if possible)

Working at a construction firm and next to being a SHEQ responsible I also am starting to become the resident Power Automate guy. (no worries, sidehustles are Integromat and Airtable πŸ˜†)

Issue: every project needs a projectplan. Specific data needed to compile this plan is below. Problem is that this task gets passed down, gets dropped with somebody who isn't up to the task and all the data is being 'copy pasted' atm from various docs.

Specific data:
  • stakeholders
  • location
  • start/due date
  • investment
  • architects
  • siteleaders
  • specific building phases

Solution: Our calculation department has all this info, every project has a calculator so she/he could fill in a form and this information would be straight away compiled in the 'projectplan'.Β 

2 steps, one question.

  1. Β Getting the 'text' from a Microsoft Form to a Sharepoint and into the template is not an issue. (with some YouTube tutorials I got this)


2. The building phases are selected according to which phases are needed in that project and projectplan. BUT when these phase are selected I don't need them to just show up in the projectplan but between 10 to 30 lines of text that would document those phase.Β 

So when selecting the phase in the form I'll need these separate 'phase templates' connected to my final doc...

If somebody knows how to do this NOT in a windows environment, also please share.Β 

But for sure I'll need a specific fix for Windows 365.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope I was clear enough.
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First time posting. Log in and log out of in person visitors -> Easiest way to implement?

Hi everyone. First time posting after registering.

I'm looking for help on this.

Problem: My office needs to register visitors. I could put up a QR code with a Microsoft Form behind it. They need to type in 2 short inputs.

  1. Β Who do you have an appointment with
  2. What is your name

BUT...I also want to register when these visitors leave.Β 

Question: How can I implement that?

Solution: I could just ask them to put in a timeframe...but I would want to 'really know' also. Any idea's...simplicity is beautiful. Don't want to buy new hardware.Β 

Thanks for any insights
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Hi, I'm Matias

πŸ‘‹ I'm Matias Raymaekers, 38yo, Belgian.

🌍 I live in Belgium. Had the opportunity to travel a lot. Lived for longer periods in Italy and Russia. Also a few stints over in Poland and Germany. Belgium is and will stay our 'base'.

🎨 Actually a former pro athlete (volleyball player). Since 'retiring' I'm working as a SHEQ-engineer for an international construction company. I do represent some athletes and help out with the appropriate steps in their pro career.

🧱 Currently working on a couple of things. A install , Q&A to world level volleyball coaches in newsletter form. Next up is a niche jobboard. Sharpening my no-code skills for that one.

🧰 No expert in anything, beginner: Current stack -> Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Memberstack

πŸ€” Interests outside of no-code: Longevity (food, sleep, training), Education (father of a son and interested where the current 'industrial education' is moving towards, also that's, in part, why I'm here), Open to discover and learn about anything.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Want to figure out all the flows of the jobboard I'm building. After that I want to look into predictive/AI apps. Our son has type1diabetes, which means that we inject a set amount of insuline corresponding to his activity and amount of carbs at every mealtime. There are possibilities to predict the ml amount we need to inject. Or at least, double check our current guesses. I want to see what is possible there.

That's about it. Enjoy your day!
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