Founder of a private tutors community・AIRPREPA
Hey everyone ! I founded a private tutors community. I am also an active sciences private tutor. Feel free to reach me on direct messaging or with e-mail.

AIRPREPA ・tutors community・independence, exchange and quality of teaching

AIRPREPA is a community of tutors that aims to support the activity of its members through a support group, online workshops and an informative newsletter.

Independent tutors are nowadays caught in a pincer movement, with on one side the giants of tutoring who take an inordinate commission on the service and on the other side the websites that have difficulties to develop a trustworthy relationship between their service and the private tutor as well as to promote their best elements.

Eventually, I want to develop a quality online directory with independent, certified and professional tutors, without taking any commission on their services. Not an agency, not an ad site, but a trusted directory.

The launch page is available here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat, I will be more than happy to answer you.

Best regards,

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Hi everyone,

I am an entrepreneur in the field of private education. I am also a math and physics tutor. I am creating a community and a directory of tutors whose pitch is available in the dedicated space.

I love literature, technology and politics.

I have a general engineering degree that I never really used for career purposes.

I write with an ergonomic keyboard (split into two parts, the Ergodox) and a BEPO layout (alternative to AZERTY). I have some interest in shorthand.

Without being obsessive, I avoid using the free services of the American tech giants. Without having planned it, I believe they have caused us a lot of harm. I use Protonmail for mail, Startpage for search, Brave for browsing, Olvid for chat and calls, Infomaniak for data hosting.

Rather self-taught and solitary in general, I like to develop special relationships with individuals and evolve within different social environments, depending on the circumstances and my state of mind. I really like Circle, which is a digital application of this way of life and which I find quite disruptive in the context of mass social networks and group messaging services.

I look forward to meeting you,

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