Steph Smith

Product at, Writer at
Hi everyone! I work full-time at the Hustle, spearheading I also write about remote work, productivity, and anything that I find interesting at my personal blog. Outside of that, I love tinkering with code and was nomadic for 4 years!
Hey everyone! I'm Steph and I work full-time at the Hustle, leading up their product. Next week, I'll be doing one of the first sessions as part of the The Community Creator’s Toolkit.

Outside of "work work", I also love building my own products. Recently, I wrote my first book Doing Content Right. I also taught myself to code a few years ago and love following my curiosity, which have resulted in things like Eunoia (a directory of untranslatable words), my personal blog, and other projects like FeMake.

I'm originally Canadian, but living in sunny San Diego, after 4 years of nomading around the world. Excited to be part of this community!

PS: A few fun facts...
  • I spent the greater part of my childhood playing competitive chess
  • I've traveled and worked in over 50 countries
  • My elbows bend too far