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I am thinking of starting a makers site in the Netherlands. Of course something like Circle is great, but I was thinking with makers you want tasks and calendats and stuff. And since you can have unlimited users, wouldnt Basecamp not be a good option for something like that?Β 
I can't speak directly to your question, but I can say I've used Basecamp at work and loved it. I found it to be really good and getting people engaged.
HiΒ Erwin Blom , if you want to have a community built around a kanban functionality then Basecamp and Trello makes sense. You can embed quite a bit into Circle though, including calendars. How do you foresee the tasks working for everyone?

Just having a peek around now. Looks great.

I've been using Blocks already for a very specific use-case already. I used De-dupe and Page Designer to create contact reports for a client who wants very specific leads to contact.

It's a bit manual because Page Designer doesn't have an easy way to move a template from one table to another, so it's great to see things open up with Apps a lot more.

Since the start of the year, I'm learning more and more about piecing apps and data together. I'm thinking of learning some Javascript to round out my knowledge a bit more around web and interfaces.Β 
Hi all, Typeform is good of course, but try Tripetto as well. I love it and everything you start now will remain free forever. And you can embed Tripetto in Glide. I'll show you how! And Tripetto is great for non Glide users as well of course.

Erwin, I am working building my app in Glide. This may be a useful feature to add in there. Thanks.
This is brilliant, I love how "chat bot-y" it feels

Pip Blom is my daughter, she has a band. My son plays guitar in that band. They are doing really well as a young band. Played Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and other festivals. Were featured in the Rolling Stone, on BBC 6music etcetera.

They are having a hard time in Covid 19 area of course. Because they couldnt play we started Pip Blom Backstage, a community site built with Glide. They post news, music, interviews, unique audio and video.Β 

There are 3 memberships:
  • Free. Nice cool content.
  • Premium. Digital exclusives (magazine, demos, behind the scenes stuff).
  • Deluxe. Physical extras (magazine, personalized setlist, etcetera.)

We've been doing this for 4 weeks. Some facts:
  • 500 members.
  • 50 paying members (2/3 Deluxe)
  • 130 uploaded image by the community

They are having a good time doing this, the fans like it, the database of email-adresses grows, the first couple of hundred monthly euro's is coming in.Β 

It's a nice begin!Β 
Pip Blom Backstage is a members app for the band of my children (2 out of 4 ;-) . There are 3 types of members: free, premium (4 euro pm, digital exclusives), deluxe (10 euro pm, physical exclusives too). The (web) app (built with Glide) starts with 30 Days, everyday they unlock new content for the members. 6 days for all members, the seventh day for paying members only. It started a week ago and we hope to go to 50 paying members this week out of a total of 300 members. Most paying members choose Deluxe. So what did we do?
I really like, a tool like Typeform and as good as Typeform. It might become a paid version in the future, but it is totally free now. It's a Dutch tool and it is good!Β 
(PS I miss a channel where I should have posted this.)
Oh wow, huge thanks for sharing! I can't believe it's so similar to typeform, but free (for now). Typeforms new $35 a month is KILLER.
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Looks really nice!
I’m an avid Typeform user but it’s expensive and they take forever to add features.

Will definitively look into Tripetto, thanks.
A few examples:
Great to see what tools you are using in your Toolkit App! I've learned a lot. By the way, is good enough to generate a PPT file still maintaining the quality? I'm curious how compatible it is.Β 
Hi all, an old men here,Β 
In 1977 I got into punk. It changed my life. Because of the music, but even more because of the Do It Yourself attitude. In 1994, when the public internet more or less started, I saw that same attitude with the early internet crew. And no-code is the ultimate in DIY of course. So basically, since 1977 I've been doing the same stuff ;-) I explore a lot of no-code tools, build solutions for my own problems and help others solving their problems with no-code tools.
Hi Erwin, you may be interested in my proposed project for the Mozilla MVP builders initiative. I'm proposing a fork of Firefox to build the ultimate privacy-based legal browser and legaltech app store.