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PM turned maker
Quick potted experience history - ran display advertising for FTSE 100s - launched a coffee DTC company - learnt to code (front-end) - moved into product management - now more a product designer/maker
Search for "physio in [insert place name]" and you are presented by a wealth of google ads. Many of them are not relevant, due in the main to these small clinics not having the expertise to target their google ads correctly. The organic results are often not that much better.

Presenting the Airbnb for physio clinics. A simple way for anyone to find the right local physio for them. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Hello guys and gals,

I'm Matt, a Welsh lad currently based in London, although soon moving to Dublin. Although I first got exposed to digital via media planning and buying for a number of big UK consumer brands, I have spent the past 8 years building products, either by myself or as part of early-stage startups.

I tend to specialise in products where there is both an online and offline experience (think Hello Fresh and not Twitter). Although my skillset is starting to develop into a no-code centric T-shape, it remains quite broad.Β 
  • Building commerce websites
  • Designing modern UX
  • Managing product teams

Always keen to provide rationalised thoughts, feedback, and ideas for any products you are designing, building, or even just thinking about.


Moonpig, Funkypigeon, SendaCard, Postable etc etc. These services allow you to choose a card, write a message, pay for it, and they post it to the end address.

Printful allow you to turn designs into products via an integration with Webflow/Squarespace etc. Are there any tools that offer the service of Printful but for A6/A5 cards?

Other examples:
  • Printful
  • Zazzle
  • TeeSpring
  • Bonfire

I very nearly launched something with this -

They have an API you can send content to and the prices are reasonable.
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