Founder @ Causal
Hey! I'm one of the founders of Causal (https://causal.app) β€”Β trying to make financial modelling delightful.
Hey folks, I'm the founder of Causal (https://causal.app) β€”Β we're trying to make number-crunching more delightful. Financial models, marketing forecasts, runway projections, etc.

I'd love to learn about what kinds of models/forecasts you all are building in spreadsheets right now!
Nice! The UI of Model Dashboard reminds me of PRO blocks on Airtable.

Do you have a link to example templates?

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Just watched a video from the homepage and that's some great app.
Does Causal embed within websites? Would love to create models using a scraped data set and allow users to make comparisons amongst scraped data and user inputs?
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