Preet Singh

Founder, DesignX Community
Community Builder
Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

I'm Preet. Long time community builder, tooling nerd, Designer, First time dad of a 6 month old πŸ‘Ό and living in Toronto with my wife & 2 cats!Β 

Favorite No Code tools: Airtable, Zapier, Circle ❀️

I lead two communities:
DesignX - A global community of 5300+ designers
Design Leadership - A community of 1200+ design leadersΒ 

I also organize a few conferences:
Design Leadership Summit
Remote Design Week

Organizing this one in a few weeks on freelancing + side projects: 5to9 ConferenceΒ 

Β Looking forward to connecting with everyone here!
Hey Preet! Welcome but more importantly congrats on the 6-month-old! I know how tough those times are!

Also great to see some more design folks in here πŸ₯³
Preet Singh replied
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πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Welcome Preet! I absolutely LOVE your website!