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Hi, Makerpad community. I've been doing E-Com and digital marketing professionally for just over 5 years now. I'm fascinated by No-Code and am always on the lookout for ways to integrate no-code into my E-Com and digital marketing work.
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Hi All - I'm currently managing just under $60m ARR in eCom business so I haven't been able to interact in the Makerpad community, or learn as much no-code as I'd hoped when I first bought the lifetime membership last year.  But I'm seriously interested in no-code and would love to connect with people in the space to learn how no-code tools, thinking/processes can help propel eCom and digital marketing forward in the next decade.  I'm based in Davis, CA. 
I mean as intros go that has to be up there with the best!

We've dipped our toe into some eComm processes and have been meaning to do more for a while.

Would you fancy a chat at some point to see if we could come up with some rad tutorials and workflows?

Be cool to talk!
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Using Shopify for B2B
  1. Find office managers / corporate buyers on Linkedin groups/company pages - reach out to them to see if they are interested or need your products.  Follow up with a phone call and place custom orders via sales rep inside Shopify for those that respond
  2. Purchase industry email lists targeting the industry you're trying to sell into
  3. Create a very clean and simple product (not lifestyle) driven Shopify store
  4. Send out email blasts to your target customers + subscribed Linkedin prospects
  5. Follow up with phone calls to each person that opened or clicked on the email but didn't purchase on the site
  6. Follow up with phone calls for everyone that purchased on the site - offer discounts on re-orders and bulk orders
  7. Literally build the order for the customer inside the Shopify admin while they are on the phone or in the chat (Linkedin or whichever channel you're communicating with them on).  Send them an email link to confirm - or get their CC info over the phone and charge them for the order via phone.
  8. Rinse and Repeat - sending out 2-3 emails per week and lots of LinkedIn Messages.

It's a pretty simple strategy and I think it's underrated by most people selling on Shopify b/c, in my experience, people don't think about using phone calls and more traditional B2B style biz dev techniques on Shopify all that much.  I think a version of this technique 
Hi - Jack ,
Where can you find clean and authentic email lists to purchase where  the list members have already agreed to receive promotional emails ? Am looking for a list of online and offline Jewellery store owners.
Hi Hari - unfortunately I can't share the exact details of where my client gets their emails from b/c that's part of their competitive advantage.  However, I can share some general insights into email list buying for B2B that I think you may find helpful.  

1. most people hate to get emails
2. many people at work spend most of their time checking their email
3. people will open emails at work that they would not usually open at home
4. thus, it logically follows that email deliverability for certain kinds of emails have higher open rates in B2B (when people are at work) than in the D2C 
5. Most thought leaders in digital marketing (like Hubspot) will counsel against buying email lists - but - if you can get a specific email list that hasn't been resold a lot and is very targeted - you can achieve between 3-5% deliverability with that list.

Hope this helps!
Hi Jack.
I put this together yesterday and want to automate this further. Please advise if something like this could be useful.
This is work in process and quite at an early stage.