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My clients use tables in Coda or Airtable to keep track of their expenses, is there a way to embed these tables into a Webflow user dashboard? Is there any other easy way to do it?

I want my clients to login in to their Webflow dashboard and then add expenses/sales to their table. 

Here is an example of a table.

I just found this Miniextension for editable Airtables. Has anyone used this? 
I tried it. It was not a seamless experience for me. But many others are using it
if you just embed the table and then also include an embedded form, will that work for you?  i'm using that for my client portal.

get your view in airtable, click share then embed form.  then you just drop that code in and the live base view is available.
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I'm looking for a no-code API platform to connect data from an accounting software (with an API) to Airtable or Google Sheets. Is there a way to do this? 

Maybe I'm missing the point here, but I would use the HTTP module in either Zapier or Integromat to connect to the accounting software and then their respective standard modules to integrate to Airtable or Google Sheets.

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Great Héctor Reyes Unfortunately, I don't have any tutorials to share. It has been more of a trial and error journey for me :)
But there must be some very experienced people in here. I know for example Luhhu with AndrewJDavison has done tons of Zapier work.
 I'm thinking about a curated list of easy financial tips for small companies.

Why: Most founders don't have a financial background but want to improve their financial situation. Most "CFO-type" decisions are not rocket science and could be done with simple, direct, and easy to apply advice.

The product: A curated list of financial tips for small companies and a 2 min video explaining each of them. 

The how? Not very clear yet, but maybe: 
  • Webflow- Landing and CMS?
  • Airtable- to manage the data and list?
  • Loom - to record the 2 min videos? 

Still not sure how to stick everything together... It would be nice to have a list that also shows the loom videos, any ideas? 

I want to extract data from bank statements (balance, deposits, transactions). I've tried Doc Parser, is there any other alternative? Thanks! 

So you need to login to the bank website in order to extract data?
Hi Stefan Smiljkovic 🤩 

No. They are PDF's, I actually took a look at Automatio but it seems that I would need to login to the banks' website, and since they are clients account I can't really do that.
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Hi! I want my clients to enter their own platform and insert some data to Google Sheets or Airtable there. Then I want to embed some results/dashboards in that same client platform to show them some data. How could I build this? 
You can do this with Glide, although the dashboard support is very basic.
Hi Hector,

I have used Webflow with Memberstack as the authentication layer for a member based site. I found this tutorial by Mackenzie Child useful in the creation of my site in Webflow.

Once you have this layer implemented you could directly embed an Airtable Form, this will allow Rich Text and Multi-reference fields to update easily. The Airtable form is pretty ugly unfortunately, as it does not allow for custom styling at this stage (to my knowledge).  Custom forms are also achievable in Webflwo of course, but require more automations in Zapier or Integromat.

You then need to pass this data back into your Platform's CMS against a Member Profile (CMS Item) using an Automation tool like Zapier or Integomat.  This can then be display on a unique member dashboard page. Memberstack provide a clonable base that you could use as a foundation for this here.

Q. What type of information are you looking to display on your member dashboard? Is it visualised data like complex graphs? More detail here would be useful or a screenshot of the types of Airtable data you are looking to pass across. 
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Hello everyone,
Héctor Reyes  I have been looking for a similar solution. Unfortunately, Memspace and Memberstack, as far I have seen, only offer integration with Stripe for payment processing. I am wondering if there is an alternative that permits the integration with payment processors available in latin america rather than Stripe and PayPal.
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In my landing page, I want to re-direct the users to a real demo of my product (through a URL Link), but before they get redirected to the new link, I want to get their name, name, and ask one question. 
From what I've tried before is using their form and external form involves redirect at the end of the form to: carrdsiteurl.com/#redirecturl

Sounds like where Tessa is pointing towards
I'd agree with these comments - most form tools should give you the option to redirect to another URL after completion, which is exactly what you need. So instead of a Thank You page, it's your demo page.
Thanks, everyone! It worked :) 
Hola! I'm an Impact Investing advisor and I help small companies get back control of their finances. 

I'm learning how to create a no-code service to give financial advice. Currently building a Financial Dashboard for small companies. 

Let's chat if you're into finance, impact investing,  alternative financing. 
Hi there!

It's wonderful your Dashboard and services would be a great help to many small companies. I don't know much yet but would love to learn more about impact investing and alternative financing.