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Multiple text replacements in one step

Hello Zapier Pros 👋

I have pretty complex 15-step zap that takes information from an Airtable record to create a custom Slack invitation: it will add the person to different channels depending on which multi-select options are on the record (eg: if the record is tagged "marketing, UK" it'll automagically add them to the "#marketing" and "#uk" channels) 

The way I currently do this is by having successive Formatter steps find & replace each multi-select option with the corresponding Channel ID. This works well right now, but we keep on having more & more slack channels, which means that I will soon be working on a zap with 30+ steps 🤯

I'm looking for a smarter, more scalable way of doing this: the main idea I'm working on is to map each word to a slack channel ID on a single document (could be on an Airtable or simple Gsheet), and do all the finding and replacing in one step. It'd be something like: find each word in column 1, and replace with corresponding ID in column 2 - but I can't figure out how this would work in practice.

🙏 Does anyone have an idea of how I could get this to work? Or a different way to arrive at the same result? 

resources.thefamily.co - Legal templates to cover startup's basic legal needs

This is v1 of our resource center for startups. We started with legal documents in Germany because this was the most requested "feature" but we will soon have legal templates for UK, France & Belgium, and then all of EU. The longterm plan is to diversify resources beyond legal 🔭

Built in one day with Notion + super.so for the templates, typeform + airtable for requests/feedbacks. This setup should allow us to grow the database a lot faster by focusing on the content rather than technical issues, while remaining super easy to use!

Would love your feedbacks on UX/UI 😊 
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