Hey, I'm Victor, Founder & Side Project Manager of Lamacorn. Lamacorn is the story of a lama who, at the top of his mountain, hears about the unicorns of the Sillicon Valley. Entrepreneur and curious, he too would like to become a unicorn.

Statistics : 1 month after the launch side project

The month of March is over, it's time for the Llama to review of :

πŸ’»Website stats in March:
  • 948 unique visits
  • 3,7K total pages views
  • 37% bounce rate
  • 1m45s visit duration

πŸ…Top of traffic :

πŸ“ˆProjects stats in March:
  • 55 projects listed in total
  • 52 project listed in March

All without ads, and by publishing on the right networks, thanks to 400+ places to promote your startup

Many creators have experienced no-code nation thanks to MakerPad.

So thanks to the community!

If you create no-code projects, you can list them for free onΒ
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My new project πŸ‘‰ Tweet Mine

How to find an idea, grow your audience on Twitter, start a business, get design tips, growth marketing?

Access the tweet mine for free and develop your skills with the best tweets
πŸ‘‰ The Tweet Mine

Thanks to all the makers present in the Tweets Mine and here (perhaps) who share a huge value every day on Twitter
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My current project ➑ A no-code project directory

πŸ”ŽI've been looking for a long time how to get my first backlink with my no-code projects.

And it's true that directories are a good way to get them.

😩The problem is that all directories are generalist and don't bring any value to the person who posts the project.

And they don't bring value to those who want to discover startups.

πŸ±β€πŸSo I decided to create a directory dedicated to No-Code projects.

With additional features (blog post, retweet...) that you can discover by posting your project.

πŸ˜ƒHere is the directory : nocode-nation-list.comΒ 

See you soon on No-Code Nation

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