Erik Dana

Leo, asc. Aquarius and Taurus moon
Falem vocês brasileires! Aqui no BR o rolé é outrooo, dólar não tá dando, né não?

Amei o Adalo, Webflow, etc. mas não dá pra pagar essas contas aí, camaradagem. Vamo se juntá pra desenvolver ferramentas pra isso?
Hey Erik!

Glad to see someone from Brazil here!

There are lots of ways to earn using Webflow and Adalo you just need a useful idea. Any ideas in mind?

Maybe we can help you build it?
Thanks, Tom! I'm really excited about no-code.

Recently updated Rede Asta's website, working now on and ecommerce for Brownie do Luiz and building this new project for

I'm part of this collective here in Brasil, we focus on non-profits and educational projects helping with marketing and technology using a fun method (pay what you want, money pile and self management).

I've developed websites and apps for a long time, now I'm focused in using no-code, but currency exchange is killing me. Just trying to find some people who share my feelings, maybe we can develop something here 😍