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Hey everyone - I've searched the Webflow forums and came up dry, so figured I'd post here since I know there are a ton of Webflow experts here.

We are in the process of migrating our current Webflow blog CMS collection to a new Webflow site.Β 

I was able to easily export the Collection as a CSV from the current site. However, when importing it into the new site, all of the date fields aren't mapping in. Created On, Published On, etc.

This means all of our blogs are showing up as being published on the same date - since Webflow just assigns the current date to each imported item. Not good.

If anyone here has experience on this and/or has ideas, I'd be grateful! πŸ™
How are the date fields formatted in the export? It looks like you need to convert to ISO format before importing back into Webflow.Β 

If you into trouble, feel free to email me with the CSV attached ( I can probably quickly re-format the csv in Airtable or Parabola and send back to you
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HeyΒ Carson Miller β€” to piggie back on whatΒ Max JolesΒ recommended, you can use Parabola to at least bulk update the manual fields and you can run it on a schedule or just do a manual run. I have a similar workflow for CMS items that when imported do not automatically populate with their appropriate reference fields, considering there can be a dozen or so new CMS items each day the Parabola workflow helps a lot, literally does all the work in about a minute. Let me know if you need help walking though it πŸ‘πŸ½
Hi everyone - I'm new here, excited to be part of this community.

Here goes...I'd like to be able to create an app for "sales proposalsΒ  as a service" (SPaaS? lol) for my customers.

I'd like them to provide the inputs:

- Structured copy/content via a form or document
- Pricing details via a standard Google Sheets/Airtable/etc template
- Upload images via...anything

I'd like to then provide them back:
- a URL with a polished proposal that organizes the information in a well thought out design template.
- ability for their clients to "approve" the proposal (or even better, eSignature integration)

Nice to haves:
- ability to track basic analytics about the URL (page views, opens, etc)
- ability to charge my customers for this service

One thing that is important is the ability to edit the inputs after seeing the output. There will need to be some iteration on the proposal content, so being able to "submit" multiple times / make changes will be necessary.

My initial thoughts have been to use to a combination of Typeform or Google Forms for the text input. Google Sheets for the pricing. Or heck - maybe use Google Sheets for all of the input data?

Then, use Webflow to present all of the information in a beautiful web-based proposal.

But...this feels a bit complicated - especially getting the data from the inputs into the output format using automation.

Anyone else have ideas on how to make this happen? Better stack to use?
Hi Carson MillerΒ 

Am no expert , hence please take a second opinion :

I would use the following :

Airtable - to continuously build a data base of information snippets , proposal types, industry metrics, trends etc and keep it growing for analytics and machine learning in the future .

Jotforms - to create multiple templates required for different proposal types for different industries. - for conditional formatting using complex logic and delivering the output as a link or as a PDF file to the customer.


Hi Hari - thanks for these thoughts. I think Airtable could be a good option here for all of the data capture. Good call on that.

However, for the final product - I actually want it to be an interactive web page vs. a document.Β 

So, thinking maybe I try to hook up Airtable to a Webflow CMS collection. That way, I can build a page template in Webflow that would represent the output and then pass the data to it - maybe via Zapier, but not sure?Β 

Other inputs and ideas would be very welcome!

Thanks again, Hari!
If you need interaction with a web front end , I think your choice of Webflow is perfect. Cheers