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Hi Everyone, My name is Emily and I am a Product Designer + No-Code maker who is obsessed with all things design and tech.
Hi everyone!
I have been building Goalio.co for the T30- Challenge; Goalio is a personalized positive reinforcement system that helps people complete their goals by providing rewards and a like-minded community. I am focusing on the fitness category at the moment. 

This week, I focused on a variety of things, including getting all of the pages set up, content additions, and imagery changes. I also set up Circle! I still have to categorize the topics within, but I am excited that its up and running. 

I have had some fantastic feedback from the no-code community and would love to be able to chat further with anyone who has any additional insights, feedback, or thoughts into the concept, design, etc. 

Thank you!
From mindmaps, brainwriting, sitemaps + wireframes to hi-def mockups - I present Goalio.co

Goalio is a personalized motivational system that helps people complete their goals by providing monthly incentives and a like-minded community.

Right now I have decided to focus on the Fitness category - I figure if I need to niche down for the other categories, I can figure that out next.

I am still working on the imagery and there's still some bumps but I wanted to get this out there!

If anyone has any feedback/thoughts, feel free to comment!

Emily Veras website seems so nice but I didn't understand what is the 'reward'. Is it a physical or digital product? 

Also how will you track my goals?

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Love the page and colors! And I can think of a couple of people that would want to reward themselves after accomplishing a goal. 

One comment,  I am not sure how you are dealing with the wide variety of options for different people. Is there a pre set list of items for the rewards?

Great job turning live!
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Goalio.co - A personalized reward system that users can use to keep them on track to realizing their goals.

Thank you to everyone in the community that helped me answer my survey!
I received around 35 responses from Twitter + Reddit, which was awesome.

A couple of things I learned (full image attached below) -
* Most people need motivation
* A lot of people reward themselves after completing any task 
* My general hypothesis of the three major categories that are prone to needing encouragement (life, career + fitness) seems to resonate
* 60% of people buy something to reward themselves, while 40% prefer a free experience as a reward.

Overall, it was a pretty successful survey!

Next up, more validation, sitemaps, and wireframes.


Goalio.co is a personalized reward-based subscription website that rewards users with gifts for completing their goals every month. 

I started with a general idea and a problem statement - 
  • People have a hard time sticking to specific goals.
  • An incentive is usually needed to push through some problems, whether that’s a new opportunity, weight-loss, mental-clarity, etc.
I have started setting up the Webflow site to make sure that the features I want to implement work, and I have made some progress!

Now its time to continue to validate my idea - I have created a short survey and would love it if you guys can fill it out!


Thank you!

Hi there Makers!

I have a glimmer of an idea that I want to continue to flesh-out with more research, I am guessing that I will possibly be pivoting and details are minimal but I am getting somewhere! 

Looking forward to also pivoting all over the place, nonetheless, I am excited!

Hi there!

I have been soft-launching  Dawn + Dusk dawnanddusk.io which is a twice-daily newsletter that keeps you productive in the morning and helps you relax at night.

I was inspired by own routine because switching on and off was starting to become a problem and leading me down a path of burn out. Having a wind-up and winding-down source of inspiration would set my tone for the day. 

If anyone has any feedback or questions, I would be more than happy to hear them.

It'd be great to see example newsletters for the morning and evening to get an indication of what kind of content will be in it.

Loving the value proposition and design though!
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Woah! A bold move to send something not once but twice a day 😱 I commend you for the bravery. How are you going to keep content creation sustainable for the audience and more importantly for yourself?
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Wow amazing Emily.

Would love to chat through how you built this!
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I'm a freelance Product Designer and founder of Product Design Stack as well as Dawn + Dusk. I have some super basic coding experience and I learned about no-code this March when I was looking to refresh my portfolio. I have been hooked ever since. The community feels very welcoming, and I am excited to learn more with you all. 
Thanks Amie, excited to be here and explore more!
Thanks Tom, Glad to be here!