Anders Lund

I wanna have a marketplace where user-A can upload a listing(I got this to work), then user-B can view the listing and "request" it (similar to airbnb). So user-A has to accept user-B's request before the payment goes through and the booking gets a status of active.Β 

Does anyone know if this possible in Adalo? Thanks:)
I'm building a marketplace were users will be able to register and create their own listings(car sharing). When the user goes to their profile I wanna give them the option to click "View my listings" and by going to that page they are able to see the listings that they have created and only those.

I'm using Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack and Zapier so far. Everytime a user creates a listing their unique member ID is stored in the listing with the other data such as listing ID, car brand etc. inside Airtable.

I also have a member and car CMS collection in Webflow, and as some of you know a collection page is created when you create a collection. But I wanna see the car collection inside the member(collection) page and the car collection should be filtered by "current user who is logged in". Is this possible in any way, if you understood my question? I would like to use this or a similar stack of no-code tools and not a service like Bubble or Sharetribe only to explore the possibilty with other services than those two.Β 

Thanks and advance.