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Hi All,

I've scoured a bunch of different posts about people trying to schedule Zaps to run on a schedule (or delay). I'm trying to do something slightly different and can't find a solution. In short, I'm trying to trigger an automation that grabs some analytic info out of a static view - no new records created or no new records in a new view (which is big Airtable/Zapier limitation). I'd like to grab this information every Sunday at 7pm and create an email in Gmail to go out as a weekly report.Β 

If I try to use Zapier and use the Schedule trigger, the only trigger options are 1) a new record, 2) new record in a view or 3) a search for a record can be done. The first 2 options won't work for what I'm trying to do. I can do a search for a record in Airtable but if I have multiple records that I want to report out the same analytics for, Zapier will only return 1 record.

I'm not as well versed in Integromat but I imagine that it's a much better tool for what I'm trying to do.Β 

Any insights would be much appreciated.Β 
i had a battle with zapier delays, was wanting to send 6 messages over a month at 9am on selected days.Β  ended up being a 14 step beast, but got there in the end using a combo of delay until and then delay for.

so if the report is pulled for each record, could you use:
1.Β  trigger on new record
2.Β  delay until sunday 9am each week repeating?

prolly not going to help with existing records tho ☹️

or perhaps create a calendar view of the base, then trigger it on every sunday?Β  or easier than that, create a event in your gmail calendar every sunday that will trigger the zap?
Thanks zachary king, I hadn't thought about the repeating calendar event. The other issue is I want to run this for multiple records and I think the only way to do that is with a little code to iterate through the records in the specific view. I'm wondering if Integromat is better for this but I believe that in order for Integromat to run on a schedule (every Sunday at 7pm) that there needs to be a Last Modified Time column in the record. Unfortunately, I don't know the workaround for the Last Modified Time to be changed without a manual change to the record each week (though reading through some of the documentation, there does seem to be a way).Β 
zachary king replied
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I'm far from a Zapier expert so I'm hoping AndrewJDavison can help out with that angle. I think you can get around the scheduling issue by creating a Google Calendar event and using that as the trigger. Getting multiple records from AirTable seems to be an open issue based on the AirTable community forums but I'd be happy to be corrected on that.

Integromat definitely appears to work better for this. You can use the Tools > Basic Trigger module (just enter a single random value). The nice part is you can set the schedule to be every Sunday at 7pm. Then you use the AirTable > Search Records module to get all records in a table and do whatever you want with those.

Let me know if you decide to go that way and I can help you get started.
Hey Makers,

I'm trying to split text to multiple items that I can use in different fields in another step. It works fine for names but not email addresses for some reason.

AndrewJDavison I found your response on the Zapier community forum. I tried this and it worked for names (

From an Airtable record with a lookup array [Jane Smith, John Smith] returns:
output__Item 1: Jane Smith
output__Item 2: John Smith

which is exactly what what I want it to return

Unfortunately, when I try the same formatting steps for email addresses in an array I get the following output where the item numbers are the same:

Β  Β Item 1:
Β  Β Item 1:

The problem is, when I try to use them as inputs later on in the workflow, the only selection I can use from this step is 'Output Item 1: ","' (an array, not separate items).Β 

Any thoughts? I reached out to Zapier support but it seems that they are closed today.
Just heard from Zapier Support, looks like it’s a bug.Β 
Wow... I've been waiting for this one for a long time.Β 
I co-founded my 2nd company (Rosy) in 2016 after spending a few years in home automation and residential sustainability.Β 

Rosy is a bootstrapped (so far) start-up that is building power tools to make it easier for landlords to manage their rental properties.Β  We've been using several no-code tools for the past few years to prototype out a lot of things that we've gone on to custom build.Β 

I'm excited to finally join the Makerpad community. We're looking forward to some of the more advance tutorials coming out and hope to be able to help others out along the way. Β 

Oh that’s dope! What content would you like to see us add?Β 
It'd be awesome to develop some omni-channel communication workflows. I think Standard Library/Autocode has some Twilio integrations that might work. We're also looking to build out some more advanced scheduling/polling workflows. Not sure what we'd be able to do this with yet but we use Airtable a lot so I'm sure that would likely be one of the main tools.