Is there a tool that produces a spreadsheet with ID codes?

Context: I'm creating a subscription platform utilizing, Stripe Checkout, and Airtable.

In a doc, I mapped out all the possible variables and I have different Carrd sections to manage the flow. All the flows direct to a unique Stripe Checkout form and manage data in Airtable.

Managing the unique codes is challenging, especially as we iterate.

Q: Is there a tool that I could input questions + answers, and it would output all possible variables with codes? Bonus points if I could select the schema.

Sean Pritzkau - when does the code need to be generated in the process? does it need to be unique for each person or unique to which subscription they signed up for? 

It would need to be moreso in the planning phase. I'd manually input these codes in carrd and in the forms just to keep everything straight.

I can make up these codes (like in the screenshot), but I'd love to use a tool where I can input # of questions with answers and it would output all the various codes.
Hi there,

I'm looking to allow individual users to update individual Webflow CMS items through a form.

Is there a way to dynamically create a form through Zapier or Integromat?

Ideal workflow (simplified:
  1. User signup
  2. Creates Webflow CMS Item & Airtable Record
  3. Forms is created from template
  4. User receives form
  5. User submits form
  6. Updates Airtable & Webflow CMS

Anyone have any thoughts or work on anything similar?
Sean Pritzkau funnily enough I just posted a walk through of how I solve this, check it out here:

I used only Webflow & a free Integromat account to get this going.

I don't have the user signup component in that walk through 👆 but you can see how I solve that part of the problem here:

Happy to answer any question 🤓
Sean Pritzkau replied
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You can use #Memberstack can help you build "sign in ". 
I work with a local cafe who wants to gate their WiFi and collect email addresses. They also want to limit the use to one hour. Would this be possible with landing page software and no code tools?
This one seems to be the most modern / up-to-date so far:
Mikrotik is a capable guest internet Service gateway. But it requires some configuration.