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Switch from Sharetribe to Webflow?

Hi all,

Anyone here running a travel accommodation booking site from Webflow?

Β Would love to see some pro examples to get inspired!

Seriously considering closing our Sharetribe platform (https://coliving.coworksurf.com/). I could see this wrong, but at $400++ a month it's been expensive to run, and I don't feel very supported with our property rental marketplace and the needed booking system & automations for our partners. Would also be great to independently make changes to the platform.

Currently re-building the site. I know Webflow is a great long-term option to run a platform on, but I have trouble prioritizing learning how to build on Webflow vs. to keep building faster on a tool I already know. (Weebly, it's pretty crap.)

SEO takes 3 to 6 months to go into effect. If I know I'll be moving to Webflow in the future, I might as well make the switch now and make sure all my work is being picked up by Google.

Any success stories here for such switches? How was your learning journey with Webflow? What helped you the most to learn Webflow? How long did it take you? Any epic booking site examples? Can Webflow + integrations do everything a booking site needs to do?

Thanks a lot,


Ps. Here's an example of a location page: https://www.colive.surf/coliving-coworking-surf-ericeira-portugal.html

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Exploring Cirle!

Hey this looks pretty awesome!! Something I've been looking for for a long long time.

Is there a #General channel / Timeline where we can kind of Tweet things? Like more general status updates?

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