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Webflow Dropdown Issue

Hey Team β€” for some reason one of my dropdown list items doesn't want to work. It has the exact same settings all of the others, but is just greyed-out when published. The link actually still works and goes to the right page. The grey box appears only for this link, but in all of the dropdowns on the other pages as well. Has anyone come across this before? ο»Ώ Glenn McWhinney ο»Ώ any chance you've seen this before?
Thanks for any help/insights you can provide!

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Webflow + Bubble + Google Domains

Haven't quite been able to figure this out yet after doing quite a few searches over the past few days and trying some things out.

My site is on Webflow, but I've developed a small app to compliment it on Bubble, I would like to have the Bubble app live on a sub domain, and my domain is currently registered as a Google Domain. Does anyone have any experience with setting up something similar, currently I'm getting a 1001 Error on the subdomain I tried to setup. Thanks!
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Bubble Help Needed

Hey Everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ½

I've been trying to troubleshoot a Bubble issue for some time now, but can't seem to figure it out. I have a few drop downs that sort a list, but one of them is not working (Choose Division) it's setup the same way as the other options and the others work, but the Division selector doesn't, only difference is that it's a number as opposed to text, but they are all just fields in the Pre-Built Cards data...Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Recruit-HQ.com is live! A great resource for high school athletes!

I'm happy to share that recruit-hq.com is now live! Mainly for beta testing (feedback welcome) over the next week or so and then I'll be sharing more widely on August 17.

Recruit-HQ is an online platform where current and former college student-athletes can leave anonymous reviews about their experiences and current high school students and their parents can see the reviews to better inform their athletic recruiting journey. We already have 1,000+ reviews submitted :)

HUGE thanks to Ben Tossell Β  Tom Osman and the Makerpad team and community for their support getting the site to where it is nowβ€”I can genuinely say that joining Makerpad last fall was hands-down one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Lots more work to be done to actually get the marketplace "working" (user interaction and more reviews), but excited to start working on that next phase now that there's something there for users to go to and get value from even at this early stage.

Another big shoutout toΒ  Chris Spags for all of his help with setting up filters and using jetboost.io, as well as a couple of other Javascript roadblocks that I ran into along the way.

I also have to thank Glenn McWhinney for encouraging me to stick with Webflow when the learning curve felt too steep a few months ago :)

Recruit-HQ has been built using:

Pory (Sam and Luannie are amazing and I highly recommend Pory.io!)
JavaScript (a few needed lines of code here and there, against my will!)

If you know any high school athletes who are looking to compete in the NCAA, send them our way! :)
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Multiple users for one account?

HeyΒ  Ward Sandler Β β€” I'm wondering if it's possible for a Memberspace user to add another email or share an account? My site is primarily focused on high school athletes, but I'm trying to figure out how they might be able to share what they're learning/researching/finding with their parents or a coach.
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An internal tool to help fitness studio owners

With fitness studios getting ready to re-open, a new set of waiver releases with new COVID measures taken into consideration will be required for clients to train. Unfortunately, the backend system (MINDBODY) that we have at our studio (I'm a coach) is setup in such a way that the new waiver will replace the old waiver for each client, but studio owners need to keep the old waivers on hand for their records. As you can imagine, with hundreds, or thousands, of past and current clients in the system, opening up each clients profile and printing out their waiver would take FOR-EV-ER.

So instead I was able to pull something together to dynamically generate the current waivers in the system (this is what actually happens in the MINDBODY backend as well) and then bundle all the waivers in a single PDF for each studio so they have them digitally for their records.

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Hey, I'm Tessa πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week :)

I've been a part of the Makerpad community for about 6 months now and love it! Previous to Makerpad I had built a few small side projects using no-code tools, such as Squarespace, Knack, IFTTT, Zapier and Airtable, but I've learned a ton more already and look forward to continuing to leverage no-code platforms to build solutions. I'd say Webflow and Parabola are my two favourite new tools to use since learning about them through this communityβ€”super powerful!

Currently I am working on two projects:

Recruit-HQ (https://recruit-hq.com) - main project
An online platform where current and former college student-athletes can leave anonymous reviews about their experiences and current high school students can see the reviews alongside roster openings (going live August 2020)

Pipeline Solutions (https://pipeline-solutions-beta.webflow.io/) - side project mainly on hold due to COVID-19
Backend automations and analytics for fitness studios.

Looking forward to continuing to learn from you all and help where I can! Stay safe!
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