Romy Misra

Maker and PM
Hi everyone! I publish weekly videos of making things using no-code tools. I'm a PM and love working in startups.
Fair warning: This maybe too basic for most of you!

I did a video showing how you can organize relational data if it intimidates you i airtable/notion or any tool. I come from a math and engineering background and tried to break it down to make it simple :)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!
One thing I've learned since joining is to not worry if you think your tutorial is too basic.

Our simple tutorials are the most popular.

We're still early here :)
I did a fun tutorial on some airtable basics (over spreadsheets) by showing how I would use it to plan some aspects of my wedding lol. I know most of you already know Airtable really well - wanted to share it anyway :)
One of the things I decided to do this year was to get better at no-code and share my journey along the way on things I'm learning.

I started to write blog posts but they quickly became very long and then I decided to turn them into videos. I'm definitely not a youtuber and it's been really unnerving to see myself on video. Any feedback of what works/ what doesn't and how I can become better would be great :). Of course if you like it, please subscribe!

Anyway I'm three weeks into it, it's been a lot of fun so far. Wanted to share the tiny projects I've done there like building a personal reminder system covering the basics of Zapier and selling your product online using Carrd and Stripe.Β 

Hi Everyone!

I'm Romy from SF. I've been part of couple of startups here as a PM for the last few years and decided to ship projects built on no/low code this year to become a better maker.

A couple of months I ago, I built a website for startups who are hiring during the pandemic:

Three weeks ago I decided to start putting out weekly videos on Youtube as I'm making things, sharing what I learn along the way :).

Really excited to be part of this community!Β