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I have an Airtable base that lists travel info for different countries. I've created a form view where users can select the country they are traveling to from a dropdown. 

How do I: 

1. Redirect users to a certain webpage based on the country they've selected; and 
2. Populate individual pages for each country based on the info in the Airtable base?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Thanks for the reply Mark. The form is just a dropdown selector of countries. I'm looking into Airtable automations/scripting to see if I can redirect to URL on submit.

For populating the pages, the data would be from data I've inputted into Airtable. I looked into table2site.com but they seem to be invite only right now. I'll take a look at Pory.io.

Thanks again!
Softr launched Web-Apps this week and they integrate with Airtable.
So far, I have loved using the product.
Pory looks quite suitable for your need, Raquel.

Caspio.com and Kack.com provide search and display functionality as well. 
Hi Everyone,

My name is Raquel and I am based in Côte d'Ivoire. I've been a PRO member of Makerpad for a while now, but finally mustering up enough courage to build my first app.

I am working on a database that air travelers can check to learn what the COVID-19 entry requirements are when traveling to African countries. I have had to travel (and quarantine) quite a bit over the last few months because of my day job, but always found finding up-to-date info on what was required sometimes difficult to locate. I'm hoping to allow people to opt-in to getting updates on selected countries and maybe in the future add reviews of their experiences with airlines.

Today is Day 1 and I joined the Community Challenge to help me stay focused and motivated. Currently trying to decide on the tools to use (Airtable or Bubble)?

Hey Raquel,

Good to have you jump into the community and have you share what you're working on! 

Sounds like a useful app, especially when information is changing on a daily basis! It might be good to start bringing your sources of data together into airtable - then you can see how many different places there are to check and what kind of columns you can break that data out into.

Then maybe the next version could be in Bubble when you have a good knowledge of how your data will be structured! 

Look forward to your challenge updates! :)