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πŸ‘‹ I'm a workflow specialist who's built and operated solutions for film, television and commercial productions. I'm expanding those solutions to benefit other industries looking to streamline their workflows.
In a previous post I pointed out Zeroquod's helpful bubble browser extension.

Taking this up a notch, I mapped the extension to my Stream Deck to speed things up further.
If anyone has a stream deck and wants to implement this into their workflow, I've attached my profile for easy integration.

Some notes before you install:
-This was created on a mac, so you'll likely have to re-map the keys if you're running windows. Should only take a few minutes to do so.

-The sunset image in the middle will return you to your main profile.

Hope this helps.
Bubble-streamdeck osx.streamDeckProfile 120 KB
I just posted this in the Bubble tools form, but wanted to highlight it here as well so it doesn't get overlooked. If you want to work faster and more efficiently in Bubble, I highly recommend this browser extension:
I tried and really like it!
By the way, somtimes misdetect the shortcut and open unrelated popup...
As I start to immerse myself in Bubble, I've found one major lacking feature is diverse hotkey integration.Β 

With so many repetitive tasks, it feels like such a waste of time to not have this option available to speed up your workflow. Β 

After doing some digging, I found that Zeroqode has made a browser extension to remedy this.Β 

I've linked it below for easy access:

Happy Bubbling
I've set up a zap to have my social posts ripple across various sites. However, one thing I can't seem to modify is for the zap to have a condition where it only passes from one site to another if it's an original post, and ignore posts that are replies to others, or if there's a mention in it.Β 

My specific issues is with Tweets that are then turned into Linkedin posts.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I thought I'd turn to the community in the hopes someone can shed some light on what I'm missing.

Hi Adam,

I've sort of solved this with a zap of mine that writes tweets to an Airtable.

First I filter for RT at the start to get rid of retweets. I also notice reply chains stick the @username of the replies at the beginning, so I added a code step to count the @s and filter any with 3+ (also good at getting rid of mass shoutout tweets).

Email me at and I'll send you the template.
Thank you Andrew.Β 
Greatly appreciated.Β