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Hi team πŸ‘‹ Connor here, I started UF and am a freelancer just like you. I mostly do Facebook Advertising and No Code Consulting. Stoked to have you hear!
Do you have any error handling built in? (pause, resume etc)
#TopTip ... Have a look into Cycles if you haven't already Connor Finlayson. Integromat's video covers rate limits and how Cycles can help with error handling:

If you implement it, can you let me know how you get on, please?

Move your highest usage tasks to Integromat

The incremental usage costs of Integromat are significantly cheaper than Zapier?

That way you can still use Zapier for its features and integrations but don't need to pay a premium for usage.

Use Case:
About 50% of my usage on Zapier is made up of a very simple three-step zap:

Webflow Form Submission -> Airtable -> Slack

I am currently hovering on the 5k zap limit, which if crossed would take me from USD 89 per month (5k task limit) to USD 129 per month (10k task limit).

I personally think that Zapier as a tool is significantly easier to use than Integromat, but I find the incremental cost increases hard to justify.

By simply moving my highest usage Zapier task from Zapier to Integromat, I am able to reduce my monthly recurring cost using Zapier from USD89 to USD49 and can get away with paying Integromat USD9 for running those tasks instead, saving me a total USD40 per month or USD480 per year.

I have personally found Integromat really hard to understand. I may not have given it a fair chance, to be honest.

Secondly, I find it hard to understand how Integromat counts usage.
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I have a to-do list in Airtable, and I want to receive an email every morning with the top 3 tasks in my inbox...

How would I best go about listing multiple items in an email?Β 

Preferred automation tool: Zapier
Hmmm, could you add a date to each task, filter by a Today formula then New Record in View Zap into a Zapier Digest > Gmail combo?
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Hey team,

I thought I would join in on introducing myself. My name is Connor. I am the founder of Unicorn Factory which is a No Code freelancer marketplace in New Zealand.

I have also created or help create other No Code projects like My House Sit, Heirloom (I'll link this soon) and some other little projects.

My stack of choice is Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, Memberstack; and I have recently also started using Parabola and Jetboost.

I talk about my stack and how I built UF in my online tutorial - How to build a marketplace without code

Glad to be part of the community!

I look forward to the tutorial, as I am yet to use Airtable, Memberstack, Webflow and Zapier. Having a tutorial touching on all of the above is super. Thank you :)