Curtis (

Developer | Integromat Expert | No-Code Enthusiast
Co-founder of Building custom web applications with code and without. Integromat Partner and Automation Wizard. I push no-code to its limits with code
πŸš€I just launched my first Adalo PWA called 😸 Happy or Not 😾 Β 

  • Find out if your cat is happy or not by uploading a picture
  • Share or download the result
  • Sign up to have all of your images saved

This is a client project, not a personal one.Β 

Let me know what you think and most importantly how your cat is feeling.
I'm Curtis from Kitchener, ON Canada 🍁

I'm a professional software developer and Co-founder of a small agency

In March, I saw a tweet from Bram Kanstein about his new project and from there fell into the no-code rabbit hole. Things have come a long way since Dreamweaver and I'm loving it.

At we now do automation and no-code builds. When we need to push the limits of these platforms, we can with a sprinkling of code or a custom API. We recently became Integromat Partners and we're about to publish a PWA using Adalo.

I'm also working on some no-code products and interested in lending my code and no-code skills to the community.

Looking forward to meeting a lot more of you on here.

awesomeee - luckily we welcome developers too :)
Welcome Curtis! It's great that you're building automation and no-code builds into your agency service.Β 

It makes it so much simpler for your customers to continue running their own product! Look forward to seeing what products you're working on!Β