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Nurse turned designer obsessed with helping creatives... create. Designer, Podcaster all around creative who believes laughter and dogs are a must.
I was doing pretty well piecing everything together and hit a major roadblock with hours gone trying to get Memberstack to work correctly.ย  Many tutorials later and I am completely stuck!ย  Any help is greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ˜„. I am trying to create a multi-step account creation for the employers and with all the attributions correct, it never moves to step 2๐Ÿคจ.ย  At least the essential account creation works!

For now I'll move on to building out the job submission platform, connect to Airtable and hope to resolve the Memberstack issue as I go.

Feel free to test it out!ย  It's just in test mode
Update!ย  I am continuing to build out the platform and have integrated Memberstack (now working!) and Airtable.ย  Working with Zapier to get data from Airtable into Webflow collection lists for portal visualization and successfully breaking my zaps quite frequently ๐Ÿ˜…. ย Hope to have the Zaps fixed and a working frame for job posters and job seekers by the end of the week. ย Then finalizing next week with Jetboost for filtering and making everything look a lot nicer.
I found MakerPad through the T30-Challenge and I'm excited to be here! ย 

I've gone from nurse to no-code. I have a passion for design, product management and solving complex problems. ย Looking forward to connecting with the community and watching the progress of those in the T-30 Challenge.
Hi SaraNoSocks, nice to meet you!ย 
Welcome Sara!ย 

Love your branding, fun and memorable for sure! That's quite a different path you've taken, no-code is great like that!ย 

Are you working on something for t30? Look forward to your updates!ย 
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Helping Creatives is a new platform to find creative talent.ย  As a hiring manager, you want to know if the person is up to the task without looking through endless portfolios, and as a creative, you want a way to show what you can really do.

Helping Creatives to the rescue!ย  A new hiring platform to remove the barrier of endless portfolio reviews and ATS compliant resumes.

No more job descriptions, enter job actions! ย No more resume reviews, now we have mini-interviews.

I'll be using Webflow, Loom and ??? to build out this new hiring platform.

Follow-along on twitter <saranosocks> #helpingcreatives #mpc-t30
Update!ย  Week one is done and it's been spent researching and scoping out my MPV.ย  I have endless ideas on how this platform can change the future of hiring, but want to start small.

This week will focus on investigation of most effective no-code tools for the MVP and creating wireframes.
Update!ย  The landing page is done!ย  Next step is to build out the portals for the companies and applicants.ย  Check out the landing page here.

#t30 #mpc-t30
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